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Static DevStatic Dev 

How to exclude couple of profiles from WF

I just wanted to make sure to exclude certain profiles from the existing WF. Please let me know below syantax is correct.
NOT($Profile.Name ='Name') by including this can i exclude profiles right.

Thanks in Advance.
Balaji Chowdary GarapatiBalaji Chowdary Garapati
@Static Dev:

 That will work and you can also simplify it as :

$Profile.Name !='Name' or $Profile.Name <> 'Name'

In case, if you think there will be more profiles that needs to be exculeded, you can add the profile names that needs to be exculed to a custom label and you can use:


where you can have all your profilenames to be exculded in the label. If the list grows, you can use two custom labels instead of one.

Hope it helps.

Static DevStatic Dev
Hi Balaji thanks for the prompt reply. I have couple of profiles which start with same name ex (BB India  n BB Canada) So was going fwd any thing falls under those can be excluded so. I was thinking Doesnt containt BB profiles. i.e all bb profiles.

Please let me know..
Balaji Chowdary GarapatiBalaji Chowdary Garapati
@Static Dev:

 Sorry, I didnt get your question!? 
Static DevStatic Dev
Sorry i was not clear. What i meant as it has couple of profiles instead of mentioning each individual of them.
I thght to use it like this NOT(CONTAINS($Profile.Name, "BB India") NOT(CONTAINS($Profile.Name, "BB Canada"). As all the profile names start with BB India xx , BB Canada xx.

Balaji Chowdary GarapatiBalaji Chowdary Garapati
Oh Yeah! you could do that! or to be more accurate you could use Begin with function as below:

NOT( BEGINS($Profile.Name, "BB India") || BEGINS($Profile.Name, "BB Canada") )
Static DevStatic Dev
Balaji Thank you!!