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email questions

i want to email our internal users (200+) with a link to a custom object, but single email doesnt send to enough people and mass email cant set an object id to a custom object. is there a way to bulk email but set the html body, or something..?? or do i have to batch execute the single email process?

i have tried both sending single email; which works for 10 emails, and ive tried mass email but the custom object id doesnt come through.
William LópezWilliam López
Hello Textual,

I see 3 ways of doing this, I have implemented the 3 of them in the past and worked.

1) As you mentioned the apex batch can be a way to send mass emails, its a class that wont take long to be developed.

2) For big number of emails you can use appechange tools like MailChimp (https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000B3byfEAB), but you have to pay for each email sent.

3) If you have a server that you can use in your company you can use Amazon SES (http://aws.amazon.com/ses/) and crete your own service for emails and call it from salesforce.

​There is a fourth way, if you have access to your email service create an email list. internalusers@yourcompany.com and from that email you resend to the proper users. 

Please let me know how it goes.
Venu EVenu E
Hello Textual,

The Salesforce API SingleEmailMessage Method setToAddresses(toAddresses) a list of email addresses or object IDs of the contacts, leads, and users you’re sending the email to. The maximum number of email addresses allowed is 100 only.

If you want to bypass the salesforce limitation you have to use a separate app.

MassMailer Make Salesforce Email Limitations a Thing of the Past.

Build and send emails to your campaign members, contacts and leads, clone and modify past campaigns to create new ones, and review campaign statistics from within Salesforce. MassMailer makes it easy to manage your Salesforce campaigns and will save you time and effort.


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Venu E