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Static DevStatic Dev 

Can we have a single wokflow rule to have multiple times update a field


I have this issue can some one guide me here. Based on two picklist values i.e stage and type need to update % field.
i.e stage = A and Type = B update % to 5 and again if stage = A and Type = E % to 10 like this.

Please let me know easiest way to do this. Thanks in advance.
Rahul BorgaonkarRahul Borgaonkar
You will have to write 2 different workflows to update same field for 2 different conditions. Workflow don't allow conditional update.
Static DevStatic Dev
Hi Rahul thanks for the response issue is i have 5 diff stages and 3 different types. So was thinking is there any easiest way rather going for 15 WF's.

Thanks for Help!
You can write a trigger of that object to update multiple fields depending upon conditions. 

Mudasir WaniMudasir Wani

You can simply use a formullae field for this requirement.
No need to use a workflow.

Have a look to some formullaes
Let me know if you have any question.

Please mark this as solution if this solves your problem, So that if anyone has this issue this can help.
Rahul BorgaonkarRahul Borgaonkar
Yes formula field will work but you have create a new formula field or change type of existing field to formula and then right formula.
Static DevStatic Dev
Hi Wani, Thanks for reply.

It would be really helpfull if you can help one formulea.
ISPICKVAL( Type , "E"),
Pob value something which is % field.

Thanks for help!

Mudasir WaniMudasir Wani
Your formullae should be like 
IF(AND(Stage= 'A', Type = 'B'),5,
    IF(AND(Stage = 'A' ,Type = 'E'),10,0)

Please mark this as solution if this solves your problem, So that if anyone has this issue this can help.
Vijay NagarathinamVijay Nagarathinam

You can acheive this using process builder. salesforce introduce the new concept in spring 15. With the help of this one you can achieve to update your stage.The Process Builder is a workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes by providing a powerful and user-friendly visual representation of your process as you build it. 

Refer the link you get idea.