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Visual force page to override a detail page of a record and allow inline editing. Possible?

Hi guys,

I want to develop a VF Page to display details of a record and allow inline editing of the same. My actual requirement is I have developed a 4 page VF Page wizard to create two custom object records(One is parent and the other is child) with a custom controller class. Now I want the detail page also look like a 4 page detail and render the fields only if they have any value in them and also allow inline editing. Is this possible?
Please let me know guys. will be very thankful for any help.
This is possible - you just overide the standard edit page with your page via the "Buttons, Links and Actions" section of the custom or standard object. Here's an example where I've overridden the standard 'New' page with one of my VF pages:

User-added image

Thanks for your reply Bob.

Can I use apex:action support in a custom visualforce detail page? I have enabled Inline Editing in my VF page and I need some dynamic changes on the page when a value is enetered.
A custom detail page is just a regular Visualforce page, so you can do anything supported by Visualforce including actionsupport.