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Spring '15 Sidebar Visualforce

I'm trying to convert my HTML sidebar component to VisualForce, but having issues.  The intent is to launch a report in the main-window with a single parameter in-tow.  The report is opening inside the tiny component rather than in the main SF window - any ideas?

Original HTML Sidebar Component :
<form method="get" action="/00O30000003yO3T">Account #: <input name="pv0"><br><input value="Submit Query" type="submit"> </form>
My VisualForce page attempt:
<apex:page >
  <form method="get" action="/00O30000003yO3T">Account #: <input name="pv0"/><br/><input value="Submit Query" type="submit"/> </form>
Searching around, I tried tucking in a (target="_blank") clause, but that didn't help - I'm sure I'm not using it correctly :)

All help appreciated - thanks!
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That's how it works I'm afraid - the change to sidebar functionality was made to stop sidebar components influencing the standard page.  You may be able to set the parent window location - I've had success doing this with embedded Visualforce, but not from the Service Cloud Console, so its not guaranteed to succeed.  I've described how to do this from an embedded VF page in the following blog post - it should be straightforward to adapt to your requirement: