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Patrick CrosbiePatrick Crosbie 

Data integration from third party app to standard salesforce objects

Hi guys,

I need to connect a third party application (.net front end, SQL) to Salesforce EE.

The data needs to move in real time (or as data is changed on the third party application) from the third party application into Salesforce. The data can be mapped from field to field, and will be send to standatd Salesforce custom and standard fields (Account, Contact, Custom Objects). 

What is the best method of doing this? I'm looking into using applications like Informatica or Jitterbit, but I would prefer not to have to spend that kind of money on the licensing cost. Is there an API that can be used for this? I'd really appreciate your sugestions.


The standard Salesforce SOAP (https://www.salesforce.com/developer/docs/api/) and REST (https://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api_rest/) API's are fine for doing this sort of thing.  Example code is given in the documentation for each.

The problem you might run into is API call limits.  When you are interacting with Salesforce outside of the standard browser UI, API calls are consumed interacting through the API.  This is a rolling 24 hour limit (a.k.a. it doesn't reset at midnight).  The more Salesforce licenses you own, the more API calls you get.  You can also purchase additional bundles of API calls per day, but it is an ongoing limit increase that doesn't "rollover" like unused cell phone minutes.