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sailaja majji 5sailaja majji 5 

Field values are not inserted through Integration system

Hi Team ,

I have got an issue with integration API.One of the integrated system is updating values for salesforce custom object using enterprise WSDL.
However some values are updated but some are blank .

Here are the things i have done to debug  from salesforce side .
1.I created a file and tried to upload with dataloader using integration user .The record successfully inserted with all values
2.Started the trace on salesforce side and could see that the moment Integration system is making a call the values which are shown as blank in UI is actually coming null in before trigger .The same is not the case when doing through data loader .
3.Verified if they are using the same API names as salesforce is expecting .That is all correct .

I  am not able to figure out why the values are not updated in salesforce .
can somebody help me on this .Any pointers would be really helpful .


Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
I would redirect your external system's endpoint to something like Requestb.in to fully capture what your system is sending before looking at Salesforce's API.  Odds are something is coming out incorrect of your external system - especially if you can take the same data and use Dataloader without issue.