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Tommy GeorgiouTommy Georgiou 

button / trigger to copy specific quote products into a unique order form

Hi all,

My business scenario that I am having problems to resolve is the following. I am sending quotes to our clients with various products(different product families). 
As soon as the client accepts the terms I create an order per each product family as I have suppliers per product family. As you understand this is a duplication of my work creating the opp and then the quote. 
Ideally with a hit of a button I could transfer lets say products a,b,c of product family A into the assigned order form layout for product family A. With another button the products d,e,f of product family B will go to the order form layout of pro fami. B.

I do not know if this can be done either by a custom button or a visualforce page. Anyhow I am seeking help from experts like you guys in the developer forum.

Thank you very much
Hi Tommy Georgiou,

It can be done with both ie. custom button and visualforce page .
Anyway our apex logic will transfer products to order from opportunity as per product family.

Tommy GeorgiouTommy Georgiou
Hi Ashish,

How it can be done?