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Rohit SharmaGRohit SharmaG 


Hi Team,

I am getting insufficient privileges while redirecting URL:
String partialURL = '/p/process/ProcessInstanceWorkitemWizardStageManager?id=' + strAppId;
Debug log : PageReference:/p/process/ProcessInstanceWorkitemWizardStageManager?id=04iA0000004iK3HIAU

Working with system admin but for custom profile getting error even if obejct has Read, create & Edit access.

Please advise.
Rohit Sharma
Himanshu ParasharHimanshu Parashar
Hi Rohit,

Approval Process will allow system administrator and person whom that record is assigned for approval.

Rohit SharmaGRohit SharmaG
But approver is getting insufficient privilege error and he has access on object create edit and delete. Thanks & Regards, Rohit Sharma Salesforce.com CRM Professional 098237 12912