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Multi-Select Country picklist Formula.

I have a multi-select country picklist with 150 entries. I want to know if the value of the field includes one of the 141 countries (let's call this Group 1). Note that the user might include values from the Group 2 countries as well. I can't write a big formula (INCLUDES(field,country1) || includes(field, country2) .....INCLUDES(field, country141)).

There is no ability to convert a multi-select picklist to a text value - If I could convert the picklist to a text value, I could use the SUBSTITUTE where there the 9 Group 2 country values and ";" are substituted by blank. If the remaining string is non-empty, I know I have a Group1 value exists.

Any other thoughts before I create a "tracking field" which is a text field and copies the multi-select field via a trigger? Even with that, I will have to assume the tracking field does not exceed 255 characters, it can't be a long text field either.

Any additional thoughts?

I haven't done this before, but perhaps you could say doesn't NOT include the 9 vaules you don't care about AND isn't null? That would be a much shorter include formula.
Jeet PadhyaJeet Padhya
OR(NOT(INCLUDES( XYZ__c ,"ABC1")),NOT(INCLUDES( XYZ__c ,"ABC2")),........)
Even i think this would work better!