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Visual Flow help in Decision and RecordLookup Value

Hello Everyone,

I am using dynamic choice varibale to get the values to be displayed as a radio button.Suppose user select the value "ABC" ,I need to query  object value and compare the value if they values matches i need to send to differnet screen.
Below is Screen shot
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Here it works has i am using the excat value like

{!OstomyOstomyKitsQA1} Equals to Irration-Skin(It want this value dynamic ,because down the line there is possiblity of changing the value) still i need to move to Screen 1

screen shot for decision
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Can you please guide me how to achevie this?
Eswar Prasad@Sfdc11Eswar Prasad@Sfdc11
HI Jyosi,
In above scenario ,It is possible do customization if can create two visualforcepages in firstvfpage create screen shot1 and secondvfpage create screen shot2. in firstvfpage unique name field equal to picklist value in ajax method call next page in their what ever fields if you want keep it here assign with add row functionality below i will send you add row functionality link pls see you will get idea otherwise paste code i will change modification


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Eswar Prasad