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Best practices for same Account, different departments/teams

We have 3 departments working on the same Account. Ideally I would suggest to go ahead with Account Teams or Record Types. BUT the main issue is that there are same fields accessible to all 3 departments, and all the values are similar.
For eg: Type is picklist with values, New, Existing, Cold.
Department A, Type =New,
Department B, Type = Existing,
Department C, Type = Cold.

How do I deal with this?

Please suggest.
I don't see why record types wouldn't be suitable for this - you can use the same fields across multiple record types if you want, they don't have to be completely separate. It would also allow you to scope picklist values to a specific record type, such that Department A only gets offered New in the Type picklist.
Hi Champ,
As mentioned, I need the same field across all 3 teams, with similar values.
For example: X company is offering multiple software services - SF, SAP, Tally - consider these as 3 different teams/departments. They use SF to track their clients. Now, Company Y is existing Account for team SF, so the Type = Existing. Now Company Y needs Tally to be implemented. So they contact X. When the Team Tally is given access to Account they see Type as Existing, but actually it is New for them. Similarly for SAP this company is Cold. 
Hope its clear.

Ah, gotcha.  I think you'll have to have a picklist field per team in that case, even if the available values are the same. You can still use record types then to ensure that each team only sees the field that is specific to them.