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Raviteja Gandhari 7Raviteja Gandhari 7 

challenge: Create a report and dashboard to show Cases by status:

Hi All,

I have created a summary report named "Cases by Status" and included Case Owner and Account Name fields as columns. But still I am getting an error saying...
Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  The 'Cases by Status' report does not include the Owner and Account Name columns. Where am I going wrong?
Himanshu ParasharHimanshu Parashar

Hi Ravi,

Can you post screenshot of your report ?


it should look like this.

User-added image


Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Hi Raviteja Gandhari 7,

To complete this challange you need to create a "Cases by Status" report in 'Unfiled Public Reports' Folder.

Step 1:- Create one report :-
NOTE :- 1) Report Type should be 'Cases'
2) This should be "summary report"
3) grouped by the Status
4) All Time
5) Make sure to show details on the report by enabling 'Details'.

Report should be like below :-

User-added image

User-added image

Step 2:- Create on dashboard
NOTE:- 1) Dashboard named 'Cases Dashboard' and save it in the 'My Personal Dashboards' folder.
2) 'Cases by Status' Report as the source report
3) 'Cases by Status' the header and 'New vs Closed' the title.

Should be like below .
User-added image
I hope this will help you.

Please let us know if this will help you

Amit Chaudhary
Raviteja Gandhari 7Raviteja Gandhari 7
Thanks for your quick and detailed responses Himanshu and Amit Chaudhary. The error was due to the label "Delaer Name" for Account Name field in my ORG. I have changed the label and passed the challenge.
Ashwini Kalburgi 3Ashwini Kalburgi 3
Hi i am facing this error please help. there is no duplicate report called cases by status but still its not allowing to create the report. screenshot attached.User-added imageUser-added image
Revanth P 6Revanth P 6
Hi Ashwini Kalburgi 3,
                              If you delete the report also then a copy of report is available in recycle bin empty it first and then create a report. I also faced the same problem then i did this and solved the problem.
Marco Pollastri 1Marco Pollastri 1
User-added image
i Guys i don't know what I am doing wrong.
Can someone help me out in resolving this challange?
Jayanth ThathapudiJayanth Thathapudi
@Ashwini Kalburgi 3
Please foolw the below steps
1.Empty your Recycle Bin(Click "Home" Tab -> "Recycle Bin")
2.Try saving agian
3.If you face the issue again the try saving as "Cases by Status1"
4.Check the challenge

Darshan MS 15Darshan MS 15
Im just not getting How to ' Group it by Status'. Would be great if anyone guide me
Juan Jose DominguezJuan Jose Dominguez
Hello, I'm having an error to complete the challenge: "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: The dashboard component does not use a pie chart." - I am using a pie chart (or what I think it is based on the options offered). No sure why this is not working. Could you please assist?

User-added image
Brian Chung 2Brian Chung 2
I am getting the same error 'The dashboard component does not use a pie chart' even though its created just like yours. I could also use some guidance on this problem
Brian Chung 2Brian Chung 2
Juan, I found the solution. I dont know why but the lightning platform didnt give display a pie chart option. I assumed like you that the chart you used was the pie chart but apparently its a donut chart. I ended up having to go to Salesforce Classic, and then creating a pie chart dashboard through there. There, it displayed both the pie chart and the donut chart option. It was aggravating all day today. 
Juan Jose DominguezJuan Jose Dominguez
Thanks Brian! That's the trick! I found out that in general, for dashboards and reports challenges using Classic view is the way to go. Thanks again!

for me .. hitting that refresh button on Dashboard report page did the trick.

User-added image

I have the same problem, my edition is in spanish and i get the error The 'Cases by Status' report is not grouped by Case status (Estado)
Teodor TrifonovTeodor Trifonov
I have been wrestling with creating simple summary report and there is something I must be doing wrong because it gives me an error:

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Case Status' report is not grouped by Status.​"

This is my report:
User-added image
Where am I wrong?
Hi Teodor Trifonov
You must change report name 'Case by Status' not case status.After change report name and save then try this challenge.
Rohit AmmanamanchiRohit Ammanamanchi
I have gone through all the suggestions in here and still found error. Actually another column "Status" needs to be added and from the drop down box, you should select the "Sort Group by" option and select the ascending or the descending order. Then it is done.
kamalesh kumar 8kamalesh kumar 8
HOORAYYYY !!! Completed this Challenge.

Step 1: under lightning reports Tab, Click on new report.
Step 2: Search for "Cases". (I found it under "Customer Support Reports").
Step 3: Add the columns mentioned in the Challenge and also add Status Column.
Step 4: Group by "Status".
Step 5: Add the Filter Criteria as mentioned in the Challenge.
Step 6: save the report with name "Case Status" and run.