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Krishna Chaitanya HotaKrishna Chaitanya Hota 

Escape & and replace with & in Syndication Feed URL


In Syndication Feed Detail: I am creating URL 'Mapping' as below

ft:"Jobs",fa:" ",et:jt__c,el:"https://xyz.secure.force.com/?jobIds="+Id+"+'&'+page=JobDetailPage&jobSite=default&p=Candidate",ec:"Job Title: "+jt__c+"<br>"+"Job Industry:"+ji__c+"<br>"+"Job Category: "+jc__c+"<br>"+"City: "+c__c+"<br>"+"State: "+st__c+"<br>"+"Salary: "+Sa__c+"<br>"+"Overall Experience: "+oe__c+"<br>"+"Job Description Rich: "+AVTRRT__Job_Description__c+"<br>Job Summary:"+AVTRRT__Job_Summary__c+"<br>Job Term:"+t__c,ect: "html"

When executing http://xyz.force.com/services/xml/JobFeed the URL

the link is generating the URL as below

href="https://xyz.secure.force.com/MMS__HMSLayout?page=JobDetailPage&amp;JobSite=default&amp;p=Candidate&amp;jobIds=a0F1600000iLjEq" />

Here instaed of &amp; I need only & .

Please let me know how to escape amp;


Thanks & Regards,
Krishna Chaitanya


Hello krishna,
Yes definetely we can do it using a method called as unescapeHtml4() .
Using that all your HTML characters are escaped.

String.UnescapeHTML4() ;

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Rohit Alladi
Thanks this helped me in parsing inbound email that was html format :-)