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Frank TimmonsFrank Timmons 

Workflow Logic on Automatic email reply

I need someone to help me with my logic on sending an auto reponse to external customers when they send an email on an existing Case.

  • Customer Service Agent (CSA) is out of the office
  • A Client sends an email on an already open/existing case that is owned by the CSA who is currently out of the office
I want an email to be sent to the client indicating the CSA working their issue is out of the office and I'm having difficulty with the logic so I'm hoping someone out there has some suggestions or guidence.

Here is my logic
  1. Create a field on the User record, maybe a checkbox they can click when they are going to be out of the office.
  2. Create a similar (hidden) field on the Case record that will be updated via Workflow when the Agent sets the Out of Office field to "True"
  3. Now, a client sends an email on an existing case (open or closed, doesn't matter) and if the Out of Office field is "True", send an email to them.
Am I headed down the right path here or should I take a different approach?  I'm just not sure how to capture the event when a client sends an email on an already existing case.  And of course I also need to make sure I don't create an email loop that ends up crashing the system!

I'm still pondering my thinking and I'm going to start designing this but if anyone can chime in on how I'm thinking, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Hi Frank,

Step 2 is not possible through a workflow rule. You will have to do that using a formula field on the Case object.