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Zabi MohammedZabi Mohammed 

user is NOT on a system administrator profile but has the required permission set to view your work in setup


user is not on a system administrator profile but has to see using permission set to view work in setup
how to do this plz help me

Zabi - A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that give users access to various tools and functions. The settings and permissions in permission sets are also found in profiles, but permission sets extend users’ functional access without changing their profiles.

1. Create new permission set under Goto Setup->Manage user->Permission set->Click New
2. Enter the permission set and other details
3. Then enable the permission you want give
4. Then go to Setup->Manage user->User-
5. Open the user to whome you want to assign this permission
6. In the permission set related list click add and assign the permission set

Click this link which will walkthrough with the basic permission set in your org https://login.salesforce.com/services/walkthrough?path=%2F0PS%3Fsetupid%3DPermSets&tour=create-a-permission-set%2Cedit-a-permission-set%2Cassign-a-permission-set (https://login.salesforce.com/services/walkthrough?path=%2F0PS%3Fsetupid%3DPermSets&tour=create-a-permission-set%2Cedit-a-permission-set%2Cassign-a-permission-set)