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How to create reports for an hour with 5 mins interval?

I want to create an hour report with 5 mins interval on case object. How can I acheive this using custom formula. Whenever I refresh my refresh my dashbord it has to bring past one hour data with 5 mins interval. It would be really great if I get some help on this. 

If you are trying to create a snapshot of your data and report on it, By default in salesforce you can only schedule analytical snapshot on hourly basis, even if you write you custom code to run every five min and create snapshot of your data salesforce doesn’t provide SLA on batches at min level it won’t be accurate per sec but Apex batches would be the way to go.

Please explain your problem in more detail.

​Fahad Akhtar

Thanks for your response Fahad Akhtar. 

1) I want to create hourly reports and dashboard with 5 mins intervals. Suppose if I refresh my dashboard at 10:30AM (EST) it should bring all the data from 9:30AM. 
2) The report X-axis will start from 9:30, 9:35, 9:40, 9:45, .....to 10:30. It has to bring only past one hour report. 
3) I would like to do with custom formula, because in the future I may need to change my reports. 

Thanks in advance.