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Apoorva SharmaApoorva Sharma 

workaround for javascript in custom home page link

i have a requirement where, some statndards components needed to be hidden. With winter 16 release this is not working as expected. 
Does anyone have a workaround for this??
Hello Apoorva,

Go through below link for how to use JavaScript in salesforce homepage component.

Thank You,
Hitesh Patel
Email :- hiteshpatel.aspl@gmail.com
Apoorva SharmaApoorva Sharma
Hi Hitesh,

I am following the same approach. But it stopped working after winter 16 release. Is there any other workaround?
Anil SavaliyaAnil Savaliya
Hi All,

I have same issue,Any workaround ? ,Javascript work only when we click on link,It's not work on pageload after winter 16.

Anil Savaliya