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Matthew Reyes 3Matthew Reyes 3 

chatteranswers:searchask "Unknown Error : Cannot read property 'ACTION' of null"

I have a simple visualforce page that has the chatteranswers:searchask component:
			<chatteranswers:searchask id="mySearchAskComponent" communityId="ID_HERE" />
If I ask a new question and I don't select a category, I get an error message that says "Unknown Error : Cannot read property 'ACTION' of null" and the page doesn't refresh at all.
Page showing error message 'cannot read property action of null'
Even though the error message is displayed, the question still gets posted, but there's no indication of this until I navigate back to the list of unanswered questions.

If i select a category before I click the 'post' button, I get a success message, but there's also another error on the page that states "Cannot read property 'replaceState' of undefined":
Image showing 'cannot read property 'replaceState' of undefined

Am I missing something from my page?  The chatter answers implementation guide said I could use "as few as one component" on my page, but these error messages seem to suggest otherwise.
Julian Juez Alfaro 3Julian Juez Alfaro 3
I am experiencing the exact same problem. Anyone knows what the solution is?
Matthew Reyes 3Matthew Reyes 3
If anyone's still having trouble with this, I found a workaround from the success community:

1. Go to Setup -> Chatter Answers Settings 
2. Uncheck the ‘Show Search/Ask Publisher Inline’ option 
3. Click Save 
4. Now go to Q&A tab, try to post a question as per above 
5. You will not be able to post the question as the system prompts you to select a topic by displaying message - ’Please pick a topic related to your question’

I haven't verified whether the workaround actually works.  Our users have had soo many complaints about the searchAsk component that we decided to roll our own.