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lakshmi ganapathirajulakshmi ganapathiraju 

Synchronize Google Calendar with Salesforce Calendar

Synchronize Google Calendar with Salesforce Calendar
is possible ?
Jason Curtis NBSFDGJason Curtis NBSFDG
Hi, there are several ways to do this. There are apps:
​This one is free: https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Trigger_Frameworks_and_Apex_Trigger_Best_Practices
There are also other options: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/category/email-calendar
There is also a chrome plugin: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/salesforce-integration-fo/fmdomiplhgolgpibfdjjhgbcbkdcfkmk?hl=en

Erico FeitosaErico Feitosa
I have not yet been able to sync Salesforce with my Google Calendar. Is this allowed in G Suite only? For example, I create an event / task in Salesforce and it goes to Google Calendar. it's possible? Or is it only possible in Office 365? Tks