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Bill PowellBill Powell 

Suggestions on an app?

Hi all, i'm relatively new to being a salesforce admin and am going through the trailhead modules now to take my test. I've been a user for several years and dipping into the dark side now :-) Hoping you can help 

Looking for something on the app exchange that will allow me to create barcodes that will relay fields I set in salesforce (item name, item #, cost per unit, etc). 

Additionally, looking for something that will allow me to scan said barcodes and automatically enter that data from the barcodes into salesforce after it is reviewed and "saved". 

Any suggestions? 

Kevin DarkKevin Dark
Hi Bill,

If by dipping into the dark side, you mean you are just starting down the road of becoming a Salesforce Admin and eventually taking the Admin 201 test, I would recommend focusing on the basics and building apps that help you develop a deeper understanding of the platform. I had some things I wanted to do for personal reasons that started me down the path of learning one off developer related items like Heroku Connect and custom Apex classes, and integrations with external APIs that I would estimate side tracked my admin learning by about month.

Bill PowellBill Powell

Kevin, that makes sense. I'm not stopping my admin education, it was more of a curiosity question. Part of the trailhead education has projects per module, but I am always looking for reasons to challenge myself and what I learned. I was going to build a demo version of a platform I want to put together for the company I currently work for. They use several excel sheets and a home built program running off their sql server that works when it feels like it. I feel like there is some value for them to go with something built off of the platform, but I want to build a mini version of it on the developer platform to explore every facet of the business and see if salesforce has a solution for it. 

Thanks for your input, I greatly appreicate it.