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Nick WormaldNick Wormald 

Unable to Uninstall Package

I have 4 APEX classes that are stopping me from uninstalling a package.

Can someone walk me though the steps to remove these objects/and references so i can remove the package?

Thanks you!

Apex ClassSyncBatcherComponent is in use by another component in your organization. Cirrus_Files_Asset
Apex ClassCirrusFilesTestsComponent is in use by another component in your organization. Cirrus_Files_SolutionTests
Apex ClassSyncBatcherComponent is in use by another component in your organization. Cirrus_Files_Solution
Apex ClassCirrusFilesTestsComponent is in use by another component in your organization. Cirrus_Files_AssetTests
R Z KhanR Z Khan
Open your Cirrus classes, locate the reference to components and delete them. btu you need to maek sure that it doesnt screw up the logic of the class
Nick WormaldNick Wormald
Thanks for the feedback :-)
I dont get any option to delete the classes listed?
"This Apex Class is managed, meaning that you may only edit certain attributes."

Please help

R Z KhanR Z Khan
Hi Nick,

you cannot view/delete apex classes that are part of a managed package. You can only uninstall the package.
R Z KhanR Z Khan
In order to uninstall the package, locate the apex classes in your org that reference the package objects/classes, remove thsoe references, then you will be able to uninstall. 
Nick WormaldNick Wormald
ok this is good.
how do i remove the references?
there doesnt seem to be any option for removal of the reference from the GUI
R Z KhanR Z Khan
When you triy to unistall the package it shows u an error saying that components are used in apex classes. open those classes tand modify the code to make sure that you are not using objects/classes form the managed package that you are trying ot uninstall
Nick WormaldNick Wormald
in the developer console?
sorry my depth of knowledge is is only so far...

i cant delete the APEX class from the developer console, 
R Z KhanR Z Khan
you dont need to delete the classes. you need to modify them to they dont reference components from your managed package
I have a similar issue. It is telling me a component - custom object - of the managed package is in use by visualforce email templates. 
The templates were created BEFORE the package was even installed and contain no reference in the code.
The only element of a connection I can find are in the Version Settings - it lists the installed package.
Is this the "use" ? And how do I remove that?
I solved it by re-saving the templates with no changes and some how the references were removed.
Frances VioliFrances Violi
Hi Nick, 

Did you ever solve this? I am currently having the same issue!!
You need to remove the references in a developer or sandbox environment and then deploy the updates to your production org. You'll need to learn some code based development it sounds like.