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Galeeb SKGaleeb SK 

Update Count

I am tried to update the count of Records,But it's not working Properly.Tell me where can make the Mistake,
I have two objects Position,Job Application.JobApplication has the Status field it contans picklist values Open,New,Closed.when i create record in JobApplication,I need  only 'Closed ' records count that should be update in Position .
Apart from that  i have 5 Closed Records ,5 Open  Records then how can i display the count individually in same Trigger.
Tell me Please.
My Code Is:

trigger countupdate on Job_Application__c (before insert,before update){

set<ID>sid=new set<ID>();

list<Position__c> PosRec=new list<Position__c>();

for(Job_Application__c job

list<Position__c>Pos =[SELECT ID,Count__c,(SELECT ID,Status__c FROM Job_Applications2__r) FROM  Position__c WHERE ID];

for(Position__c P:Pos){


update PosRec;
Galeeb SK
v varaprasadv varaprasad
Hi ,

If master detail relation ship is there then no need to write Trigger.

Please try once rollup summary field.   like below...

User-added image

let me know this is correct or not..

Galeeb SKGaleeb SK
Hi V Varaprasad,
Not configuration,we will achieve through coding.In Lookup also we can perform record count.but here we can display perticular picklist record count.
Galeeb Sk
Paul S.Paul S.
Try this:
trigger countupdate on job_application__c (after insert, after update){

    set<id> sid = new set<id>();

    for(job_application__c job :{

    list<position__c> pList = new list<position__c>();

    for(position__c pos : [select id, count__c, (select id, status__c from job_applications2__r where status__c = 'closed') from position__c where id IN : sid]){
        position__c pNew = new position__c(
            id =,
            count__c = pos.job_applications2__r.size()

    update pList;

You should probably also set this up to run after delete or undelete.