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Lookup filters on same level of object


I had CustomObjectA and Account standard object. 'CustomObjectB' is a junction object between CustomObjectA and Account object. Now, on Case object I had Account lookup filed. When I click on Account lookup field on Case object needs to search based on CustomObjectA fields also.

Please suggest the solutions.

Note: By default we can search using Account object fields, but I want search using both CustomObjectA and Account object fields.
Hi Vekat ,

Hope https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=fields_lookup_filters_defining.htm&language=en is usefull .

But as you have master-detail relationship , i am not sure

Omveer kundu 8Omveer kundu 8
Hi Venkat
 Its Not Possible On case Object Its Standard Functionality for salesforce  Its not  customization based on Account Object