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Alexander von HasslerAlexander von Hassler 

[ENTITY_IS_DELETED] when trying to push data.

Hi, we are trying to push a sales order from our ERP system Macola to Salesforce and are receiving the following error code in Salesforce: 
Error loading into target [SCRB_SalesOrder__c] : Error received from salesforce.com. Fields [Company_Ext_ID__c]. Status code [ENTITY_IS_DELETED]. Message [Duplicate external id specified: 200_22307066]
I understand you may not be able to give us an exact solution since this is related to a 3rd party system, but a troubleshooting advice would be very helpful and appreciated. 

Please assist. 

Thank you,

Duplicate external id specified error comes when your upsert records have same external id multiple times. check for values of External Id field in the input file / data
External Id field is the unique field in salesforce, you can't have duplicate value in that field. Looks like Company_Ext_ID__c field is External Id custom field in your salesforce org. Check in the source file whether you have more than one entries with the value 200_22307066 or check source file whether you have any duplicate entries with the field which is mapped to salesforce field Company_Ext_ID__c