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Eric DelgadoEric Delgado 

Login to sandbox verification email

I am trying to login to the sandbox, and I am prompted to enter the verification code but the email seems to have sent to a different email (*******@**** than the email (*******@**** I have in Salesforce personal information. The verification email was sent to the correct email when I login to the account the first time. I have verified my email in the personal information page. Any idea what is going wrong? I can't access the sandbox without the verification code. Thanks!
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You are getting verification code becuase you are trying to login from IP range thats not allowed as per your profile settings. Try to login from allowed network or ask soemone who can login to create a new user account for you or change email and reset password for existing one.

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I think the only way you can do is contacting your Administrator. if you are the admin then you can login with where xxx is sanbox name and production password
Michael DsozaMichael Dsoza
Hi Eric,

Have you ever tried to change your email id ?? OR do any one having access to sandbox account who has changed the email id ?? 
It seems like email id has been changed & thats why verification code has sent to new email id.

Eric DelgadoEric Delgado
yes, I can login, but I am prompted to enter the verification code after login successfully. But the email never deliver, and I noticed the email address is wrong. Then I double check my email in Salesforce and it doesn't seem to match it. I have gottan verification code email when I login to before and the email was sent to the right email address. This seems to only happen when I login to the sandbox. Is it a bug on salesforce?
I dont think it was sent to wrong email . it was sent to the default which sfdc appends after creating sandbox
Eric DelgadoEric Delgado
Hi Michael,
No, I didn't change the email address.
Eric DelgadoEric Delgado
I just changed the email address, but the verification code still send to the wrong email address. Any idea? Thanks.
You change email and select generate password it wil change to new one.
Eric DelgadoEric Delgado
what do you mean? where do I generate password?
On edit mode of the user record
Eric DelgadoEric Delgado
I searched through the entire page and don't see that...
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venkat-Dvenkat-D you have access to manage users or reset / unlock user passwords?
Eric DelgadoEric Delgado
I just changed my password to try it, now even worse... Although I can login to Salesforce, I cannot even login to the sandbox anymore. When I go to forget password to send me the reset password link, I don't get the email. I think it is sending to that mysterious email address that I do not know what it is. It seems like a bug in Salesforce, or am I missing something?
read through this

about mysterious email : 
Whenever you create or refresh a sandbox, user email addresses are modified in your sandbox so that production users don’t receive automatically generated email messages from the sandbox. User email addresses are appended with an example domain (, and the original @ sign is replaced with =. This modification ensures that the system ignores these email addresses. For example, a user email of in production when migrated to sandbox. If you want sandbox users to receive automatically generated emails as part of testing, you can correct the email addresses while logged in to the sandbox.
Email Deliverability in new sandbox :
New and refreshed sandboxes have the default email deliverability setting System email only. To configure email deliverability settings, in the sandbox organization, from Setup, enter Deliverability in the Quick Find box, then select Deliverability. If editable, set the Access level in the Access to Send Email section. You may not be able to edit the Access level if Salesforce has restricted your organization’s ability to change this setting.
No access: Prevents all outbound email to and from users.
System email only: Allows only automatically generated emails, such as new user and password reset emails.
All email: Allows all types of outbound email. Default for new, non-sandbox organizations.

Change your access to All email if email deliverability is No Access

Also you can still login into your sanbox if you remember your old prod password.
Eric DelgadoEric Delgado
Thanks for the explaination. I understand why I don't get the email now. However, the problem is when I login to the sandbox the first time, I am prompted with the verification code that is sent to that email address. Which means I cannot proceed to the sandbox authentication. I am new to Salesforce and didn't setup the sandbox myself, any idea what I can do to get the access to the sandbox? Thanks!
You are getting verification code becuase you are trying to login from IP range thats not allowed as per your profile settings. Try to login from allowed network or ask soemone who can login to create a new user account for you or change email and reset password for existing one.
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Eric DelgadoEric Delgado
thanks. The sandbox admin had reset my email and I can now get the verification code in email.
Ad-Center APIAd-Center API
Hey Guys, 

I seem to have admin permissions but I can't find where to change the address that the sandbox is using to retrieve the verification code. How do I change that email address?

Any clue?

Thanks in advance for the help.
Jewelyn FregoeJewelyn Fregoe
I'm having a similar problem. I am the sandbox admin and I can't log into my sandbox!! When I go to log in, salesforce prompts me to send the verification email, but it never sends. Salesforce shows that the verification is being sent to my correct email. Idk what else to do! 
Imran Ahmed 10Imran Ahmed 10
Same problem her!. Since the refresh happens every day the email id of admin who created the sandbox also gets changed as such the verification email is going to **** which is of
1.We are thinking to running Apex classes which change email id.
2. Exclude IP range authentication for admin and few users so that they can login with password without authentication and change password post refresh. I am not sure if this config change would also gets refreshed. Will keep you all updated.
Jude Alfaro 10Jude Alfaro 10
Hi All, I am also having this issue (verification code being sent to but I am the primary system admin and cannot login to the sandbox.  Should I put in a ticket with Salesforce?  
Shane DoschShane Dosch
We're having a similar issue.  This is not workable.  We cannot ask our admins to go into our sandboxes and reset our emails every time we do a refresh.  They have better things to do.  Please come up with a better solution.  This is currently blocking us from implementing what we want to do with Salesforce.
Shane DoschShane Dosch
Our admins are now being asked to verify their accounts when they login to the sandbox.  At this point, we are completely locked out of our sandbox.  We need a solution.
Joe Burgess 2Joe Burgess 2
I'm new salesforce admin and just setup our sandbox account.  I go to login and am prompted for a verification code which is sent to my email, however they are sending to a ".com" address and I have a ".org" ending.  No where could I figure out how that could be the case and there is no workaround.  Spoke with SF customer support and awaiting call back as they have to reset manually.