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Srilakshmi B SSrilakshmi B S 

BigMachine to Salesforce Integration

I have a sandbox in which BigMachines-Salesforce Commerce Integration Package (Version 4.14) is installed. Now we are able to connect to bigmachine and create quotes using this package.
Is there any other way to connect to BigMachines other than through the package? I did not find any api for this.
James LoghryJames Loghry
Don't believe so.  The package installs it's own custom objects and custom fields that are necessary for the Big Machine CPQ to function.  Keep in mind there are different versions of BigMachines as well, and you're probably better off getting answers on their appex listing or contacting their ISV rep.
Srilakshmi B SSrilakshmi B S
Thanks for your replay James. I will check with their ISV rep.