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Rakshith RamachandraRakshith Ramachandra 

Add a list of 3000 contacts to a campaign based on their email id, first name, last name.

I have a csv file of Email Id, First name, Last name, Phone, Account Name of close to 3000 contacts (No ID's available). I'm Positive these contacts exist in SalesForce. But the challenge is it's in a CSV and I need to add these contacts to a campaign so that they can be sent a specific email.

Note: I can't run a report with a filter saying email = "A or B or C or D or ..." as we have 3000 contacts and only limited amount of characters are allowed in the that filer field.

Thanks in advance!
Naval Sharma4Naval Sharma4
HI Rakshith,

Using data loader you can add these records to a campaign.

Create campaign-member based on the CSV data as salesforce doesn't allow to create duplicate campaign members so all the unmatached records will be inserted.

Rakshith RamachandraRakshith Ramachandra
Can you please explain in detail what needs to be done? The CSV I have contains email, FN, LN, Account Name, Phone but no ID's. How can I use Data loader without ID's?
Mahesh DMahesh D
You can use the Data Loader for insert, update, upsert, delete, export and exportAll.

If you want to insert records then you don't need any ID field value.

Please follow the below links for more information.

Please do let me know if it helps you.

You should export all contacts in the system (I hope its not plenty) then use Excel lookup function to identify contact ids based on email address. Then use those ids to insert camapign members in the system.
Rakshith RamachandraRakshith Ramachandra
Hi Mahesh, the contacts I'm talking about are already in Salesforce. I don't want to insert them. I just want to add them to a Campaignn.

Thanks Venky, that's exactly what I'm doing right now. I just felt that there's a faster way of doing it. Also lookups cannot be trusted coz the email field might not be unique. I'm using a combination of FN, LN and email. 
Mahesh DMahesh D
Hi Rakshith,

Ok Then you can use the CRM Fusion --> Mass Impact concept and it will automatically give you what you are looking.

But you need to buy the license to use it I think.

If you don't want to, then have to follow what you and Venky said.

Rakshith RamachandraRakshith Ramachandra
Thanks Mahesh. I'll check about the software you mentioned.

In the meantime, I was able to figure all the contact Ids all the contacts I want to add to a campaign. What are the next steps? I tried Campaign-> Manage Members-> Add new records-> from a file -> csv. But I don't know how to map the contact Id's coz there's no such field.

Any pointers?
You can use data loader to load records in salesforce.