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Avoid Re-Collapsing PageBlockSection when Validation Rule Error Occurs

On a Visualforce Page, I have a section which is collapsible by default and I use Javascript to toggle it
<script type="text/javascript">
    function collapseSections(){
        $('img[id*="additionalProducts"]').each(function() {

<!--Some Code-->

<apex:pageBlockSection title="Service Products" id="additionalProducts" showheader="true" collapsible="true" columns="1">

<!--Some Code-->

The issue I'm having is should the user try to save, and a validation rule is flagged, when the page rerenders the section is collapsed again. I want the section collapsed on the initial page load, but if the user toggles the section down, saves, and hits a validation rule, I'd like the section to remain "uncollapsed".

Any ideas? I have a controller I can add code too as well if needed.


that might steer you in the right direction
Thank you for the response, but I don't think this does what I'm looking for. The link you sent is what I already have implemented. I have the section collapsed by default.

The issue is that when a pagemessage appears because a validation rule is violated, the page rerenders to display the error message - which causes the section to be collapsed again because I have it collapsed by default on page load. 
Well, if it is your javascript which is collapsing all sections, then you should be able to conditionally run it by storing a boolean variable in the controller which is set to true the first time you run your collapseAll().  Use that {!boolean} in your collapseAll() to exit out before collapsing.