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Bodhtree SingExBodhtree SingEx 

where can i get that confirmation code sent from gmail while adding email address generated by salesforce in gmail

Hi All,

I have created an email service on opportunity,i got an email address for that email service as 'opportunity_mail@t-14g4wh9lxqs27f99urhsvnojcc6gufofjq3jbl394x9sjsxsdy.28-1ginoeas.ap2.apex.salesforce.com'.when i am adding this email address in Forwarding and POP/IMAP in gmail, i got a message saying ''confirmatio code is sent to opportunity_mail@t-14g4wh9lxqs27f99urhsvnojcc6gufofjq3jbl394x9sjsxsdy.28-1ginoeas.ap2.apex.salesforce.com".Now where can i get that confirmation code?
Richard Jimenez 9Richard Jimenez 9
Hi Bodhtree,

Check My Unresolved Items in salesforce in the left side bar on the home tab.

Bodhtree SingExBodhtree SingEx
I have already checked this,but there is no record in My Unresolved Items .
Eric KintzerEric Kintzer
The most likely reason is that your Inbound Email Service is configured to only accept emails from certain domains. This list of domains needs to include google.com as that is the source of the confirmation code for the forwarding rule. The source is not your corporate mail system (e.g. foo.com). See also this blog post (http://wp.me/p489k0-7g)
Krishnakanth Pamu 1Krishnakanth Pamu 1
Check the cases records. When you click on 'Send confirmation code' in Gmail then a record will be created in cases. It worked for me... Try this out...

I found this solution in https://trailblazers.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000gzZWAAY