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Marcela SanchezMarcela Sanchez 

as enable custom objects for salesforce cloud community?

Hello everyone!!!

I have a question, do not know because I can not have a custom object to the community, what happens is that I do not appear in "Enable for community" in the object I want to enable for customers.
Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
You control which objects are exposed to community users via profiles/permissions sets.  Give the user's profile (or permission set) CRUD rights to the object, create a custom tab for that object, then you can include it in the Community.
James LoghryJames Loghry

Are you talking about giving community users permissions to objects, or displaying object tabs in the community?  To give a community "access" you have to grant it Object CRUD and Field Level Security (FLS) permissions in the appropriate profiles (profiles that you specify your community can use in the Community Administration screen(s)).  

Note, you'll also want to give the public site user the Object CRUD and FLS permissions that anonymous users need too.  You can do that by going to Setup->Develop->Sites, finding the site linked with your community, and clicking on the "Public Site Settings" tab.
Marcela SanchezMarcela Sanchez
Thanks so much!!!

What I needed was to create one set permission and link with the Community license and keep adding to my clients that permission.