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King KooKing Koo 

Duplicate contact not listed when converting Lead (with duplicate rule set)

Hi there
I have a contact record called "King Koo" with email address king.koo@test.com.

I set up a Matching Rule on Contact - Matching Criteria is
(Contact: LastName
MatchBlank = FALSE) 
(Contact: Email
MatchBlank = FALSE)

And I set up Duplicate Rule to allow on create with Alert and Report, tying it to the Matching Rule above.

I then created a Lead with the same info as the Contact, and then on Convert, I get to a screen like the following.  

My confusion is that the "Convert to Existing Contact" gives me an empty list, when I was expecting to see the info of the matching Contact record.  With no records showing there, obviously the "Convert to Selected" doesn't make sense.

As far as I'm concerned, the duplicate management is not doing anything.

Am I missing some steps?


User-added image
King KooKing Koo
Hope the below is a better screen shot.

User-added image
anto nirmalanto nirmal
Let me try this and let you know..
Nihar SharmaNihar Sharma
Hi King,

i am not able to see this screen in production environment..(same thing is working in sandbox)

cna you please help ?