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Michael RuckerMichael Rucker 

&Profile.Name vs $Profile.Name (Module - Advanced Formulas Unit - Leveling Up with Advanced Formulas)

Module - Advanced Formulas
Unit - Leveling Up with Advanced Formulas

The Loss Reason Required field to add says &Profile.Name

Should it be $Profile.Name - When I check Syntax I get an error. I see the $Profile.Name in the list of available fields.

  &Profile.Name <> "System Administrator",
  ISPICKVAL(StageName, "Closed Lost"),
  ISPICKVAL(Loss_Reason__c, "")
Yes, that should be $Profile.Name.  It's probably something the team knows about.  I know they are releasing a patch sometime next week after the holiday.  If you still see it in the next week or two I would report it to the Trailhead team via the feedback button

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Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
Thanks. I was able to get by it. Also looks like ISCHANGE should be ISCHANGED 
Ryan William SchorrRyan William Schorr
I reported this typo to the Trailhead team via the feedback button earlier today.