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Wokflowrules - Is there a way to find out which is not being used?

Our org is reaching workflowrules limit. I have to delete some. Is there a way to find which workflow is not being used? Or which work is is called how many time in a month?
are there any rules that help me determine which WF rule I can move to trigger?
we can find out unused workflow by using the below steps and we can delete which are in In-Active
1. Go to Setup-->Workflow & Approvals -->Workflow Rules
2. click continue 
3. You will see All Workflow Rules
4. click on Create New View 
5. Enter View Name and Filter criteria as shown below fig.
User-added image
6. Click on Save Button
7. Next you will see the only In-active workflow rules from there you can delete
User-added image
Hope it will help you. If you ok with this answer select best answer.
Thanks for the detailed information. But I am not looking to find inactive WF rules
All active WF rules which with last run (last used date)  not Last modified, last run date