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Christopher PezzaChristopher Pezza 

Testing Metadata and Web Services

Hi, I am trying to test one of my Apex Methods but get a Cannot test web service callouts and am counfused out how to implement the test script to handle this. 

Here is my Apex Method im trying to test.
public PageReference initialiveFields() {
        List<Fields__c> newListFields = new List<Fields__c>();
        Master_Workbook__c selectObj = [SELECT Id, Object_API_Name__c FROM Master_Workbook__c WHERE Id =: selectedObject];

		Master_Workbook_Settings__mdt doNotCreateFields = queryMasterWorkbookSettings(DONOTCREATEFIELDCATEGORY);
		Master_Workbook_Settings__mdt objectBasedFields = queryMasterWorkbookSettings(selectObj.Object_API_Name__c);

        List<Fields__c> objExistingFields = [SELECT Field_API_Name__c FROM Fields__c WHERE Object_Name__c =: selectObj.Id];
        Map<String, Schema.SObjectField> fields = schemaMap.get(selectObj.Object_API_Name__c).getDescribe().fields.getMap();
        for (SObjectField sobField : fields.values()) {
            DescribeFieldResult sobFieldDescribe = sobField.getDescribe();
            String metadataHere = selectObj.Object_API_Name__c + PERIOD + sobFieldDescribe.getName();
            if (testCreation(sobFieldDescribe, doNotCreateFields, objectBasedFields, objExistingFields)) {
                MetadataServices.CustomField customField = (MetadataServices.CustomField) service.readMetadata(CUSTOMFIELDTEXT, new String[] { metadataHere }).getRecords()[0];
                newListFields.add(generateFieldRecord(sobFieldDescribe, selectObj.Id, customField.description, customField.fullName, objectBasedFields));
        insert newListFields;

        selectObj.IsInitialized__c = true;
        update selectObj;

        return start();

Any constructive guidance would be great, Kinda confused on how to use Salesforce Test webservice callout
There don't appear to be any actual callouts in your code above.  There are Custom Metadata which you can read about testing here [1] and field describes which are not callouts.  The only thing that I can see is that hte MetadataServices class may make a callout.  In that case you will need generate your mock class and set the Test.setMock but you will be returning the data for the expected Metadata describe.