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Chatter Desktop Client only showing mirror image of normal Salesforce interface

This is a weird problem and I don't know if this is the proper forum to pursue an answer. But I tried posting in the customer service forum and did not get a reply.

We have some users who will only get a mirror image of their normal Salesforce interface within their Chatter Desktop client. It does not show the typical Chatter Desktop interface with the Chatter icons on the left and the dropdown at the top which shows "Recently Viewed". Instead it just shows a mirror image of their normal Salesforce login - but all cramped into the Chatter Desktop client.

I've never seen this before. I am looking through their permissions and they have the same permissions and settings as the users who are getting the proper Chatter interface in their Desktop Client.

I went into the Desktop Client settings and I don't see anything which would seem to be relevant to this problem. 

Is there another setting which needs to happen here ? 

One note : Both of these users had their password reset and had to re-login with their Desktop Client using their new password. I don't know if that is relevant or not, but I wanted to mention it.