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Srinivas AnnamSrinivas Annam 

I hv lot of issues in coding so, how can i achieve this plz any one can suggest me.

B TulasiB Tulasi
What type of issues you have? post that, will try to solve that
Srinivas AnnamSrinivas Annam
I mean, am new to programming, requirement wise senarios am unable to solve through coding. so  to become good programmer how i can prepare.plz suggest me.
Srinivas SSrinivas S
Please practice all the Salesforce Trailhead developement modules to improve your skills.

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Srinivas AnnamSrinivas Annam
DeepthiDeepthi (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Srinivas,

You can always checkout trailhead that contains lot of modules/project explaining in detail related to apex programming.
Please check trailhead.salesforce.com

Hope this helps you!
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