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Custom Default Landing Tab in Lightning Experience


I need to change our homepage that all our users sees after they login. I know you can change the Default Landing Tab to any other object associated tab, but in our situation I need the homepage to land on a particular dashboard that I made.

Is there any way I can do this? If so How?  

Thank You,
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

Follow this Setup>Build>Create>Apps>Default Landing Tab.>And also set this app to default for users. So whenever they login into salesforce they landing default dashboard page.

Hope this helps you!

Thanks and Regards

As far as I know you can't replace the home page tab but you can control what is placed in the tab. Try this:
1.) Goto Setup->Customize-Home->Home Page Components
2.) Click New under Custom Components
3.) Click Next
4.) Give it a name, select HTML Area and click Next
5.) In the Formatting code section on the far right hand side click the Show HTML box
6.) In the body of Formatting code place 
1<iframe src="<full path to your page>"></iframe>
   note: you may have to adjust the frame size to get it to look right for you
7.) Click save
8.) Goto Setup->Customize-Home->Home Page Layouts, click New, give it a name and Save
9.) Under Select Wide Components to Show choose your new component ad click Next
10.)  Make sure your component is the only one selected in Wide(Right) Column on the next page and click save.
11.) You'll now be back on the Home Page Layouts screen. Click Page Layout Assignment and add the layout to the users whos home page you want to modify.
It's kind of a hack but the users will now only see their Chatter feed (if enabled) and the page you just added (your leaderboard page) if you've followed the steps correctly above. Of course the page will show the sidebar and header if you haven't disabled them on your custom page so keep that in mind.
Sandhya, I don't the dashboard page, I want a cerain dashboard as the landing page. 
Rakesh51, that doesn't work. That won't work for lightning experience UI home 
Rinkle Kapur 7Rinkle Kapur 7
I had the same requirement, but i needed to display only the List of available in the dashboard tab.
When i set the Dashboard tab as default landing page in Salesforce Classic UI, it failed to display the dashboard.
But when I set the dashboard tab as default landing page in Lighting Experience, it worked.