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Need to refresh session before timeout in Mobile Offline App developing using Ratchet, Cordova (SDK)

We are developing a Salesforce Offline App for iOS using Ratchet(Front End) and Cordova, encountering an issue where we are not able to identify the session expiration time and due to this reason App get logout automatically and soup data (Smartstore) get deleted, Is someone faced similar issue ever? if yes, please share your experience,  solution or workaround you did to get  this resolve.  It would be great help!
Here is the SDK version and other Information we already tried.
  • We are using SalesforceMobile SDK 4.1.0
  • Already Tried with Session Settings (Setup > Security Controls > Session Settings) which does affect  the session time of the App even we do not know exact time of the expiration, sometime it get expired within 24 hours sometime takes more than that