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Abi V 4Abi V 4 

Error:received too many records from the external data source

I am fetching the records which are more than 1000 from extenal objects and facing the error is
"Error:received too many records from the external data source"

Here governer limits are hitting for extenal objects(1000) rows and please let me know how can i solve this issue.
I want to display more than 1000 records and display it in vf page.
Implimnetd the pagination and all just need help about how to access the more than 1000 records and shou in vf pafe 
Just set the page to read only mode by setting readonly = "true" in apex:page tag and then try.
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
You Can try any below solution
1) Limit your query after adding Limit Keyword in SOQL
2) Add Readonly= true
3) Pagination

For best practices on dealing with limits you should go through this.. this might help
//A runtime exception is thrown if this query returns enough records to exceed your heap limit.
Account[] accts = [SELECT id FROM account];
Instead, use a SOQL query for loop as in one of the following examples
// Use this format for efficiency if you are executing DML statements 
// within the for loop.  Be careful not to exceed the 150 DML statement limit.

Account[] accts = new Account[];

for (List<Account> acct : [SELECT id, name FROM account
                            WHERE name LIKE 'Acme']) {
    // Your logic here

update accts;
Let the platform chunk your large query results into batches of 200 records by using this syntax where the SOQL query is in the for loop definition, and then handle the individual datasets in the for loop logic