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Superbadge "Reports & Dashboards Specialist" - Data Import problems on Contacts

The first challangeof this Superbadge seems to be problematic, showing the following message:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We could not find enough records in the 'Contacts' object. There should be at least 100 from the import.

What is interesting is that everything seems complete to me! I have inserted 100 contacts and 100 accounts, and of course all other items (Opportunities and Contact Hobbies).

Any idea why I see this error message?
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I finally found out that I should have at least 1 more contact! Case is solved.

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Mark Smith 64Mark Smith 64
Haven't made it that far yet, but just wondering if there is a requirement to have them loaded as a specific owner ID, or for them to be transferred to a specific user?
I finally found out that I should have at least 1 more contact! Case is solved.
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Ninad KulkarniNinad Kulkarni

I am getting following error while importing data for Contact Hobby.

Unable to create/update fields: Name. Please check the security settings of this field and verify that it is read/write for your profile or permission set.:Name --"

My CSV file.

CSV FileMapping
A strategically better approach when imporing data is to use
1. Data Loader
2. External IDs

This was the way I managed to complete this challenge.
Alex SloanAlex Sloan
Nikos-  You said you solved it with 1 more contact.  Can you explain that a little more to me.  I am stuck at the same spot.  So I should have 101 contacts despite the fact that the load only has 100?  Thanks ahead of time.
Alex, there are 100 contacts to import. I had deleted all data before importing those contacts but I failed. When I manually inserted one more random contact, I managed to pass the challenge. So, I suppose you have to do the same thing!
Sri Ramya MurthySri Ramya Murthy
Where can we get the data in order to import because sandita has given only 20 contacts for importing but what about the rest of the contacts
Martin CadmanMartin Cadman
Sri, there is a link included in the instructions that contains the data to be loaded. I am sure you've already spotted this.

In regards to using external ids, the instructions do say not to create any new fields. However, I don't think any of the checks actually have a problem with this approach and it would reduce the steps below:

The easiest, but perhaps not the fastest, method is to use DataLoader to load the Accounts first. Then, using the success csv and vlookups in the spreadsheet, map the accounts and contacts together. Next, load hobbies. Finally, use two vlookups for contacts and hobbies.

It's weird that this is required for a Reporting specialist badge, but nice practice for those of us who haven't really done it in anger. 
Reports SuperbadgeReports Superbadge
Hi Guys,

Can someone help me with importing of 'Contacts and Accounts' using data I mean what clean up is required in CSV file?

Laura Walker 34Laura Walker 34
I have an error on Challenge 1 to say that it cannot find enough Contacts.
I have successfully uploaded all 100 contacts and verified this in a report.
I added 1 random contact but this did not clear the error
Does anyone have any ideas?
Kuldeep KaurKuldeep Kaur
I am facing the same error while submitting the first challenge. I have 121 contacts but the challenge is still failing. Any help would be highly appreciated.
Kuldeep KaurKuldeep Kaur
I couldn't find the problem yet.
Rebekah Pendleton-CyrRebekah Pendleton-Cyr
I am also facing the same issue: the error message I am receiving shows that for some reason I am missing contacts to complete the challenge. 
I did the following tasks so far...
1. Import Hobbies
2. Import Accounts
3. Export Account Names and Their ID's
4. Match Account ID's and use V-Look Up.
5. Import Contacts with same address information referencing account ID's.
6. Export Contacts and ID's 
7. Export Hobbies and ID's
8. Manually match all contact ID's and Hobbies
9. I created 3 CSV files for the contact/hobby import. Imported all three final CSV files.

Error shows I don't have enough contacts. I have already tried to import an "extra" contact and that does not fix the issue.
Any help someone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Hi - Double check that you're connected to the correct salesforce instance when verifying. I got that error and it turned out I was still logged into a different instance of salesforce. As suggested, I spun up a brand new developer instance just for this module. Elizabeth
Rebekah Pendleton-CyrRebekah Pendleton-Cyr
I forgot to mention that I originally loaded the contacts and accounts via the Data Import Wizard. Everything else was loaded from the I know the contacts and accounts are in the system, because I exported the data to create the remaining files. I have verified that I am in my newly created Developer Module when verifying this challenge.
I have no idea how to fix this and pass this challenge.  
Please help!
Frédéric TrébuchetFrédéric Trébuchet

There was 22 Contacts, some Accounts, Opportunities and Cases in my environment when I started the challenge.
Sample data were correctly loaded, but challenge failed.
I have deleted "old" records to have only the those provided with the file, then the challenge failed again.
As indicated by @Nikos.Mitrakis I have created an extra contact and the challenge pass.
Sound like a bug on Apex class in charge to verify the challenge.

Swati Senapati 1Swati Senapati 1
i am stuck in this below error can anyone suggest?I already imported contact and account successfully through import wizard.stuck for hobby,contact hobby and opportunity.When i am trying to import hobby data with the(list of contacts to import) CSV mapping section it shows only hobby field.

can anyone guide me on this?

?User-added image
Martin CadmanMartin Cadman
Are all of the relationships between the entity records established?
Swati Senapati 1Swati Senapati 1
no.How to procced with that.can you please i am new to the system
Frédéric TrébuchetFrédéric Trébuchet
Hi Swati,
You should go to this trail first
Hope this helps,
Swati Senapati 1Swati Senapati 1

User-added image
Frédéric TrébuchetFrédéric Trébuchet
You need a CSV file with 2 columns:
- parent Contact Id
- parent Hobby Id
These Ids can be retrieved using Dataloader, Report or any other tool to export data from Salesforce.
Excel will help you to change from names to ids.
Laura WalkerLaura Walker
@swati you are not able to import data that needa a lookup connection using the name, you need to use the id to make that connection. When you import the hobbies, you need to replace the contact name column with the contact id. this will connect the data correctly. I normally use a report ti get the data out of the system and then use a vlookup to match the id to the name in the file.
then you can upload the hobbies and contact ids together and they will be connected to the right contacts
Laura WalkerLaura Walker
anyone else overcome the "not enough contacts" error.
I have done this in 2 dev orgs. cleared the contacts that are already there, imported the files, added an extra contact and verified all of this with reports. HELP!!
Prateek Shrivastava 10Prateek Shrivastava 10
Hi All,

I am getting this error when I am trying to Check the Challenge . I have imported all Accounts,Contacts,Opportunities, Contact Hobbies and Hobbies and created the relationship, however still getting the same error.

Any help would be appreciated.

.User-added image
Unfortunatelly it's been a very long time since I've passed this superbadge and I've forgotten all details, but I've searched my archive and found an Excel workbook with data for import. Perhaps this data may give to some of you some usuful ideas about the source of the problem. Keep in mind that your Org must not have a namespace and you must always use a new (and clean) Developer Org and NOT something old (e.g. from a previous Superbadge).
You can download my Data file from

By the way, we should understand that Trailhead developers try to check our work using SOQL queries. For example, the above error message "sObject type 'ContactHobby__c' is not supported" may mean that this object doesn't exist or that you have a namespace in your Org.
Of course we should always use exactly the same names for sObjects or fields we create. All these are obvious things, but a very "innocent" error like these, may create a big STOP to getting our superbadge.
Shaun SorrellsShaun Sorrells
Has anyone been able to complete this superbadge without creating new columns in the data? Or without creating IDs for the data?  If so, how?
bill green 8bill green 8
This is how it should look.  This will fix all the mapping issues!!!!!
Aditya Ram 27Aditya Ram 27 check out this blog for solution and Make sure you follow those steps any queries ping in the given mail id User-added image
Michał LisowskiMichał Lisowski

Is there anybody who can help me and kindly explain how the file to import should be prepared? I mean step by step, I already saw the lond video tutorial from another module regarding data import but why I need any IDs..? I'm lost, could you please help me?

Thank you!
Misik MisinkoMisik Misinko
Hi Michal, try to follow the steps in this post
Daniela BiondiDaniela Biondi
Hi there! I'm stuck doing this challenge. Have done everything that's been suggested and still can't complete it. However, the data import wizard is showing that all records have been created
User-added image
Any other suggestion, please?