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Antonio Mendez Padilla ZayasAntonio Mendez Padilla Zayas 

dumb question, but i'm new =S

I'm trying to copy records from one object to another, but, i only want to copy those that had a field modified by the user

as in: i have a list of one object with one field that is editable, the rest are just displaying as a normal table, once the user modifies that field that row(record) is updated with the new information for that field

now, whay i need is to get that row to be copied to another list for another object

as i said, i'm still getting used to this thing and what i've tried has given me errors like "System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object" or the row just wont get copied

ANY help will be greatly appreciated, thank you

renu anamalla 9renu anamalla 9
please check if there any trigger and

what you get the line number?

inthe  line number

check the  if condition
what you want write code.............
Antonio Mendez Padilla ZayasAntonio Mendez Padilla Zayas
perhaps i need to be more clear, im sorry

i have a table with information for object A and another for object B

i added a button to each row for object A trying to add that specific row to the table for object B

so far, no matter what row i press the button on, it will always send the first row from object A to object B

i need help getting the buttons on the object A table  to send their respective rows to object B when clicked upon

thank you!