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Sandy GaliSandy Gali 

Getting hour from a datetime field

   I am trying to retrieve hour from a datetime field. I am running a SOQL query and retrieving a set of values in my apex class and looping through them in my visualforce something like
 <apex:repeat var="arr" value="{!arrivals}">
 {!arr.Pickup_Time__c}' where arrivals is my soql querry in apex which retrieves a set of values.
Pickup_Time__c is a datetime field and I want to get only hour out of it.

I dont want to use formula fields as they are other issues of DST, timezone etc.

Can any help me with this.


Provide formatting on page :  Assuming arr.Pickup_Time__c is date time field
   <apex:outputText value="The unformatted time right now is: {!arr.Pickup_Time__c}" />
   <apex:outputText value="Hour in day (0-23): {0, date, HH}">
       <apex:param value="{!arr.Pickup_Time__c}" />
   <apex:outputText value="Hour in day (1-24): {0, date, kk}"> 
      <apex:param value="{!arr.Pickup_Time__c}" />   

Sandy GaliSandy Gali
Hi Vineet,
Thanks for the response. I acutally want to use the hour value for comparision.
Say for ex: if hour value is in between 12 to 20 hours, do something.
That you may not be able to go with the above provided way.
I would suggest you, to create a wrapper class and using List<WrapperObject> to iterate rather than directly using the List<records> from your SOQL query.

Wrapper class would be something like this :
public class ArrivalWrapper{
    public Arrival__c arrivalRecord{get; set;}
    public Integer hour{get; set;}
    public ArrivalWrapper(Arrival__c arrivalRecord, Integer hour)
        arrivalRecord = new arrivalRecord();
        this.arrivalRecord = arrivalRecord;
        this.hour = hour;

List<ArrivalWrapper> awObject = new List<ArrivalWrapper>();

Sandy GaliSandy Gali
Thanks Vineet
Happy to help.
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