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Get status CompletedWithWarnings when insert InsightExternalData

My csv file have 3941495 record, I have checked my file, it has exactly 3941495 record after was compressed, but the result on server is 3941489 record. I got status "CompletedWithWarnings", and this is status message

The job was completed successfully, but failed in the part of the line. From data monitoring to download the error log, please check the failed line.​

Does anyone know how to fix it? Or how to download the error log?

Andrew MagruderAndrew Magruder
If you set NotificationEmail to equal your email address on your instantiated InsightsExternalData object, you'll get an email that might help.

My apologies for this obvious idea: Use a browser to go into SalesForce
1. Chose the "Wave Analytics" App
2. Click the gear icon on the upper right and chose "Data Monitor"
3. Hopefully "Jobs View" shows your API upload with some useful diagnostic information.