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Picklist Value in New Case form


I opened a ticket with support on this and they are stumped, they sent me here. Seems like a simple question. I have a picklist in accounts. What I want to do is when an user is opening a case for that account, I want the value of the picklist to appear in the new case form. It will show the sensitivity of the customer and the support team will know right away how to address the problems. I tried to use formula fields but they do not support picklist values. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

You have to override standard "New Case" button of case.

which means Create new List button on Case object for new case creation and replace it with standard "New Case" button which is on related list of Account. see below screenshot of related list of account.

New Case Override

Let me know if you have any question on this.

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Hitesh Patel
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Marcilio SouzaMarcilio Souza

The formula fields support picklist values YES.

You could do something like this in your new field on Case Object.
 - Formula field type text
- TEXT( Account.Industry )

Account.Industry is a salesforce picklist default.

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Thanks Marcilio but that only works in the Standard case view, it will not appear in the new case form.

Marcilio SouzaMarcilio Souza
So, you have to override the new page to get this requirement like hitesh90 said.