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Ignacio JimenezIgnacio Jimenez 

how can I create a folder in google drive with a few template files, each time I create a new record of a custom object?

I need to create a folder in google drive every time I save for the first time a new record of a custom object.
After that i will need to copy a couple of template files in that folder. The files also need to be linked in the new record in salesforce.
Please any directions?? Maybe not only using apex code?
Marcelo CostaMarcelo Costa

Hey Ignacio,
The only way I see here is actually setting up an integration between the systems. That can be achieved using google drive API + Apex Callouts and Rest/SOAP apis.
Depending on the size and deefault architecture of the company an ESB would be in place too...
But either way, would be no small or easy feat :)

Good Luck!!