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Zack PriceZack Price 

App Performance Issues


Our SalesForce application is suddendly slow (several minutes to perform a query or an insert) and sometimes fails.

We are getting a lot of periodic failures and slowness executing api calls against salesforce.  
The exception we are getting back is: An unknown repository error occurred

We use a C#/.NET API to call the SalesForce App. The API uses the System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol (standard Microsoft .NET assembly) to talk to salesforce … 
the XML payload to the SOAP call was generated using a WSDL they generate from Selsforce … it is slow to get a matter and add a dataset (objects defined in our SalesForce application). 
I believe that these operations map to SELECT or INSERT of matter/dataset records in the app database

Please let me know any suggestions on how to find out the root cause of this issue or any additional info I can provide to troubleshoot.

Marcelo CostaMarcelo Costa

If the issue started suddenly the biggest possibilities are:
Network and some kind of System degradation from salesforce  side.
Have you checkes http://trust.salesforce.com to see if there are any issues with your org?
I see there are seme issues right now.
If that is the case, all you can do is log a case and wait...
Good Luck!!
Tuan LuTuan Lu
You might want to create a debug log for the API user and see what operations take a lot of time. You might find some workflows or triggers that run repeatedly.