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Spencer UngerleiderSpencer Ungerleider 

Insufficient privileges for my Einstein Discovery app in my developer trailhead account


Yesterday I had access to my Einstein Discovery app in my sample developer account for the trail.  I went back in today to do another module and I am getting insufficient priviliges.  Not sure what to do since this account was provided as part of trailhead and not provided by my administrator, who they message is directing me to.
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
Hi, Spencer. Which module are you working on? And did you sign up for the Analytics DE (Developer Edition) org? By default, you should have permission to access Einstein Discovery. 

For example, the "Try Einstein Discovery with a Developer Edition org" unit of the Einstein Discover Basics module has a link to sign up for the Analytics-enabled DE org:
I have the same problem. I'm working on the Einstein discovery trailhead, and I was able to do some task. After deconnecting, I 'm not able to connect again to SF discovery, saying unsufficient priviledges. 
I'm using Analytics DE (Developer Edition) org provided during the trailhead. 
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
Olha, let me reach out to my team to see if they can help troubleshoot this. 
Manuel Castro 12Manuel Castro 12
Also, which module are you both working on? Einstein Discovery Basics?

I  was stopped in the middle of creating a story, I created the first graph "Margin by Product". Then I had to stop because of meeting, coming back I was not able to connect to Enstein Discovery at all. 
Sonia Sharma 8Sonia Sharma 8
Hi Spencer and Olha,

Im currently trying to reproduce the error you're both running into while working on the Einstein Discovery Basics module. Can you please email me your DE orgs username/password to sonia.sharma@salesforce.com. If you have multiple DE orgs please make sure to share the credentials for the one for the ED Basics module. 

Hello Sonia, 

Thank you for your help ! 
Normally you don't need to know the login / passwd, as you can login with the user from setup panel ? The instance with my DE sandbox is https://eu8.lightning.force.com/ 

In the mean-time, the day after I was able successfully to connect to Enstein Discovery. Since then I didn't meet the issue and I could continue learning Enstein Discovery.