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Amanda LawlanAmanda Lawlan 

Unexpected Error while verifying Super badge challege

I am recieving an unexpected error while trying to verify a challenge in the admin super badge. I think it has to do with the Open Support Cases report. I recieve an error each time I try to add a componant of that report to the dashboard. This is a new playground that I created just for this super badge. reference error id: LZSIBLWQ
Thank you
Amanda LawlanAmanda Lawlan
I no longer think the Open Cases report is the issue... after logging out and logging in again I was able to add that component to the dashboard. 

Before this error occured I was working on the badge but needed to close my laptop in the middle of editing a dashboard. I don't know if that can cause an error.

Do I need to start from scratch with a new DE or Playground? Is there another way to test this workwith a fresh DE or playground?