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Aurora Ganguly 10Aurora Ganguly 10 

test class for DeleteWithCheckboxController

Hi All,
Can anyone help me out in writing this test class for this apex class.
public with sharing class DeleteWithCheckboxController {
 public static list < contact > fetchContact() {
  list < contact > returnConList = new List < contact > ();
  List < contact > lstCon = [SELECT Name, firstName, LastName, Department, MobilePhone From contact LIMIT 50];
  // play for loop on lstCon and add each contact to returnConList List.
  for (contact c: lstCon) {
 // return the List of contacts
  return returnConList;
 public static List < String > deleteRecords(List < String > lstRecordId) {
  // for store Error Messages  
  List < String > oErrorMsg = new List < String > ();
  // Query Records for delete where id in lstRecordId [which is pass from client side controller] 
  List < contact > lstDeleteRec = [select Id from contact where id IN: lstRecordId];
  // delte contact list with Database.DeleteResult[] database class.
  // It deletes some queried contacts using <samp class="codeph apex_code">Database.<span class="statement">delete</span></samp> 
  // with a false second parameter to allow partial processing of records on failure.
  // Next, it iterates through the results to determine whether the operation was successful or not
  // for each record. and check if delete contact successful so print msg on debug, 
  // else add error message to oErrorMsg List and return the list  
  Database.DeleteResult[] DR_Dels = Database.delete(lstDeleteRec, false);
  // Iterate through each returned result
  for (Database.DeleteResult dr: DR_Dels) {
   if (dr.isSuccess()) {
      system.debug('successful delete contact');
     // Operation was successful
   } else {
    // Operation failed, so get all errors   
    for (Database.Error err: dr.getErrors()) {
     // add Error message to oErrorMsg list and return the list
     oErrorMsg.add(err.getStatusCode() + ': ' + err.getMessage());
  return oErrorMsg;
Looking for your help.
Suraj TripathiSuraj Tripathi

Hi Aurora,
Please try this piece of code. hope it will help you.

public class DeleteWithCheckboxControllerTest 
    @isTest static void TestDeleteWithCheckboxControllerTest_1()
        List<contact> lstCon = new List<contact>();
        for(Integer i=0; i<=50; i++)
            contact c = new contact();
            c.FirstName = 'FCon'+i;
            c.LastName = 'LCon'+i;
            c.MobilePhone = '9897996867';
        insert lstCon;
        List <String> idStrList = new List <String>();
        for(Contact con : lstCon){

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Aurora Ganguly 10Aurora Ganguly 10
Thanks Suraj 

I will check n let u know ..
Thanks for the help
Alo SenAlo Sen
Is there a way to force a test for the else logic?